I'm gay

This is not a metaphor for anything. I’ve been pretending for far too long - I don’t really know why. In retrospect, I’ve known for about eight years, but it’s taken this long to accept it for myself; the process of telling others has been quite quick.

To those who feel that I should have told them in person, rather than on my blog or via Facebook, I apologise; this is the way that is easiest for me - I’m not good at talking about my personal life face-to-face, but I can deal with it at the keyboard. I have, of course, already told my parents, and as they have been entirely accepting (no disappointment about grandchildren (though that’s possible these days, of course)).

There’s not much more to say here, really. I’m very thankful to be living in a country where we have full (legal, at least) equality, and amongst a community of people who are (I hope and fully expect) OK with it. If you are not, and you feel compelled to warn me that I will burn in hell: don’t bother. I am a charter member of the UCT Atheist Students’ Society; if hell were to exist, I would be well on the way there already!

Written on July 8, 2011