Another new election results site

As a long-weekend project I’ve put together this interactive map of the 2009 South African election results. It’s a “slippy” (i.e. scrollable and zoomable) map and you can zoom right down to street level and see the results for individual voting districts. (Something you can’t do with the News24 election map!)

Use the buttons in the top left to choose the level of detail—province, district municipality, local municipality, ward or voting district—though wards and voting districts aren’t available until you zoom in a few levels. Click on an area on the map to see the results for that area. For example, here are the results from my voting district in Rosebank.

It’s my plan to have a version with the 2014 election results up as soon as possible after the IEC releases the detailed results spreadsheets once the election is declared.

Written on May 5, 2014